Publication Dates

KJPS is issued three times a year, on April 30, August 31, and December 31.

Electronic Manuscript Submission

Authors may submit manuscripts at any time. All manuscripts and book reviews should be electronically submitted.

Desk Rejection

All submissions to the journal are initially reviewed by the editor and his or her associates. At this stage, manuscripts may be rejected without peer review if it is felt that they do not address pressing enough issues or are not relevant to the scope of KJPS. This fast turnaround means that authors are given a quick initial decision and will only need to wait for a decision after the review process if their manuscript makes it past this first stage.

Assignment of Reviewers

The editorial board assigns three expert reviewers to each manuscript. Anyone who has a special relationship with the author shall not be appointed as a reviewer.

Review and Revision of Manuscripts

Reviewers will evaluate the manuscript and recommend one of the following: (1) publish with only minor editorial revisions, (2) publish after substantial revision, (3) reevaluate after substantial revision, or (4) do not publish.

Guidelines for Reviewers

Manuscripts are reviewed according to the guidelines as follows.

[Table 1] Guidelines for Reviewer

Principles Considerations
Field Relevance to the Field of Public Policy and Administration
Subject ۰Clarity of Research Questions
۰Originality of Content
۰Contribution to the Field
Approach ۰Rigorous Review of the Literature
۰Strong Theoretical and Practical Basis
۰Validity of Conceptual Framework
Analysis ۰Accuracy and Objectivity
۰Logic and Consistency
۰Profundity and Comprehension
Expression ۰Organization of the Structure
۰Accuracy of Expression
۰Compliance to Guidelines
Maximum length 10,000 words
Confidentiality of the Review Process and Potential Conflicts of Interest
Reviewers should keep all the information pertaining to the manuscript confidential. KJPS will ask reviewers to inform the journal editor if they have a conflict of interest that could prejudice their review of the manuscript. If reviewers identify plagiarism or any other unethical behavior related to the reviewed manuscript, they should bring these concerns to the attention of the KJPS editor immediately.

Proofreading and Printing

Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, it will be copyedited and then returned to the author for approval and final changes. The final version will be proofread by the author and the editorial assistant.


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